HALP! Fitness Tips Needed

Happy Thursday!

Who am I kidding, Thursdays are never happy. They’re not Friday and they don’t get the honor of being called “Hump Day”. So, just plain Thursday, everybody!

You will be pleased to know (or at least pretend to be pleased for me) that I went back to the gym last night for another Body Step class, and I TOTALLY ROCKED IT. It was like, 1,000,000x better than Monday, when I almost fainted/barfed/fell down doing a very similar class. It was a different instructor, so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it. I also hydrated and ate my afternoon snack, so, win all around! Thing is, I’m not sore today, and I really thought I would be based on how hard I felt like I was working. Any fitness gurus out there have anything to say about that? Does it mean I’m not working hard enough? Those muscle groups are already in good shape? I’m doing it wrong?

When I go to the gym, I pretty much exclusively go to the classes they offer. The cardio classes (step, attack, combat) are my favorite, although I have been known to take a Body Pump class now and then. A big problem I’m running into is the tendinitis in my elbow. My main goal is to tone up and loose a few pounds, and I really wanted to tone up my arms. (After all, it’s technically the only part of me that won’t be covered by a wedding dress.) *SPOILER ALERT – my wedding dress does not have long sleeves.* I’m really struggling with how I can make this happen while still being able to hold a glass of water the next day. Push-ups make my elbow lock, body pump really aggravates it, so I’m kind of at a loss.

Today I’m going to forego the body pump class and try to create my own circuit using the machines at the gym. My hope is that some of them will be ergonomic enough that they won’t really upset my arm. That said, if any of you super fit people who like, understand the gym a little, have any insight as to what I can do to work my upper body without wanting my arm to fall off, PLEASE SHARE YOUR INSIGHT! I’m also looking for good apps/websites/circuits that I can do that will help me achieve my goals. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks friends – have a good-enough Thursday!


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6 responses to “HALP! Fitness Tips Needed

  1. Mom

    I the one Aunt Nancy uses and Loves is called “My Fitness Pal”

  2. Sabrina

    Look at the Nike Training Club – its (I think) geared more for women and has plenty of choices like cardio, interval, and focus areas. Mix of no weights needed, hand weights, and some machine moves too.

  3. Frances

    I have no idea what will aggrevate your elbow, nor am I anything close to a fitness guru, but I had good luck toning my arms (and whole body) with yoga.

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