First Day Back

… is always the hardest.

So. Um. Remember yesterday when I said how I didn’t regret watching Gossip Girl alllllll day long on Sunday?

Don’t worry I still don’t.

But… the rest of my body does.

I went back to the gym for the first time since before Christmas. While I was under the impression that walking a few miles every now and then and horseback riding once a week was enough to keep me in the semi-decent shape I was in before the holidays… I was sorely mistaken.

At Body Step yesterday I was so pumped and ready to get started with my workouts again. I made it through the warm up and after the first peak and then I thought I was going to die. And then I felt like I was going to die at least 5 more times in the hour. And I forgot my water bottle so I had to keep leaving to get water and it was really embarrassing. Did I mention that I didn’t eat my afternoon snack and my stomach started growling around 4 pm so my blood sugar was really low and I kept getting dizzy? And also how I haven’t been to the gym since before Christmas.

All of these things added up equals one really terrible workout. BUT. These things happen, and if every bad workout made people quit there would be no one in the gym come March. Wait… are we just talking about regular New Year’s resolutioners here? (Just kidding. But really guys.) I’ll try again later this week and I’ll make sure to eat first and drink enough water and mentally prepare and not stand in the front center of the class next time, just in case.


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3 responses to “First Day Back

  1. I still can barely move after Sunday’s body pump session, so I feel your pain. Better to get back in the habit though!

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