Wedding Wednesday – Meet the Bridesmaids

Firstly I just want to thank my very wonderful friend Gretchen from over at Honey I Shrunk the Gretchen for posting my guest post yesterday! Hello to any new followers of this little blog, I hope you stick around! There’s lots going on around these parts… I promise not to disappoint!

On today’s docket… a quick wedding recap. We last left off with checking some big ticket items off the list. I was still searching for a cake-ist, and (fingers crossed) I’m PRETTY sure I found one! I don’t want to write about it and make it official yet, but I am so excited to share my super secret find with you guys soon!

I am also on the way to choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress for my lovely ladies to wear this September. Speaking of bridesmaids… I don’t think we’ve met them yet. Let’s do that, shall we? I am proud to announce my five loveliest ladies:

Jennie Tal Williams – Maid of Honor –– The Wonderful Sister


Photo by Korie Lynn Harold (

What is there to say about a sister? Jennie and I were your normal sisters growing up. You know – hair pulling, hitting each other with brooms, screaming matches… the usual. But then I followed in her nerdy footsteps and joined marching band, and drama club, and then went one step further and joined chorus and show choir, and then we had so much in common we just had no choice but to be friends. She has been by my side ever since, and I am so honored she is my maid of honor!

Katie Bontrager – Bridesmaid – The Highschool Sweetheart

Picture courtesy of Dan Cohn

Picture courtesy of Dan Cohn

Katie and I are your typical teenage love story. We met. We fell in love. The rest is history. I guess “highschool sweethearts” isn’t really valid, since we technically met in 8th grade, but I’ll allow it. I distinctly remember the first day I met Katie. It was in Mr. Davis’ 8th grade band class and there were two new girls: Katie, and someone else. I remember this, because I chose to sit next to someone else and try to be her friend. As it turns out, I made the wrong choice, which was promptly amended for me by realizing someone else wasn’t nearly as awesome as Katie. Who knows how we became best friends or how we are still so close. All that matters is we did and we are and SHE IS GETTING MARRIED IN APRIL TO MY ROOM MATE THE LOVE OF HER LIFE AND IT’S GOING TO BE AWESOME! I am so looking forward to standing by her side in a few months, and then having her stand by mine!

Kristin Troyer – Bridesmaid – The One That Never Got Away


Fate or the gods or divine intervention made it very clear from the word “Go” that Kristin (Kat) and I were meant to be friends for a very long time. We kept being pushed together in unlikely circumstances until we finally relented and decided that being friends was in everyone’s best interest. (Just ask Katie, Kristin’s like the glue that keeps everyone together.) I think we first met officially in like… Kindergarden or something. Definitely elementary school. Then she moved away, then she moved back, then we both had weird friends, then we became weird friends together. Through middle school awkwardness all the way through high school heart break and college curfuffles (ok now I’m just stretching), we have stayed best friends and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Kristin gives the best hugs and pretty sound advice – but don’t you dare try to steal her from me!

Anna Burgess – Bridesmaid – The Opposite that Attracted

Photo brought to you from 2006 (because apparently we don't take photos together anymore).

Photo brought to you from 2006 (because apparently we don’t take photos together anymore).

Everyone has that friend that makes you wonder how you are still friends after all these years. Right? No? Just me? Well, Anna is that friend for me. But before you go saying how mean I am and wondering why on earth she’s a bridesmaid if I don’t even know why I like her, hear me out. Anna and I met in 9th grade (thanks to Katie. Katie met Kristin thanks to me. It’s a vicious circle, stick around and you might catch on eventually.) We started hanging out because Katie promised up and down how coooooool the new girl was and how much we’d liiiiiiike her. Well la-dee-da, she WAS and we DID. SO THERE UNIVERSE. But still, we had little in common minus color guard (which I promptly left for drum line) and, well, our impecable choice in friends. And somehow we formed a bond that I’m certain will never go away. She’s one of my rocks, always there when I need her whether it’s a bad break up (thank goodness I won’t be calling her for THAT anymore), or a sneak trip to a bridal salon. So stoked she’s still putting up with me… they do say opposites attract!

Sabrina Wilbern – Bridesmaid – The College Sweetheart

Photo brought to you by the letter S for Seriously? We must do better. No pictures since 2009?

Photo brought to you by the letter S for Seriously? We must do better. No pictures since 2009?

Sabrina and I met in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Sabrina was friends with Dan. I was dating Dan (very newly). I joined a sorority (more like club, really… I promise… forget I mentioned it) that Sabrina happened to be in. And then somehow the circle closed and we all realized we knew each other and it was weird but cool and then fun. I didn’t meet Sabrina until my last year of college, but it was absolutely the best year of them all! We immediately bonded over who knows what and began hanging out, studying together, having sleepovers… I promise I’m still talking about Sabrina here and not Dan. She is one of the few people I met in college that made a lasting impression on me, and we still talk almost every day. I love that she’s so close by and that we make an effort to spend time together fairly regularly. She’s even started hanging out with some of my other friends, like Gretchen, and I couldn’t be happier! Of course the fact that she’s friends with Dan already helps, too.

Well there you have it, folks! I could not ask for a better group of girls to stand with me and Dan in September. Be on the lookout soon for a sneak peak of what they might be wearing for the big day!


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3 responses to “Wedding Wednesday – Meet the Bridesmaids

  1. Jerry

    G’ma and I are very happy for you and Dan, Lara. We love your writups here and follow them all!
    We love ya, kid!
    Pa & G’Ma

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