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Getting Committed

Happy February! The shortest month filled with the most love. Or something.

You guys. I won a contest! I’ve never won anything before, but I won a blog contest! Cassie from Back To Her Roots had a giveaway for 10 free days of “Accountability Coaching” from Krissie over at Commited Coaching. Krissie is a certified running coach (whatever that means), but she also focuses on helping people meet their fitness, food, and lifestyle goals. I’ve only had one phone call with her once so far, but I’m excited for what the next 10 days will bring!

I told Krissie my goals (get in shape for wedding, form healthier eating and workout habits, etc.) and she’s already been super helpful, just giving me tips on how I can be more efficient and more effective. For the first ten days of February, the plan is for me to tell her my plan day to day in the way of food and exercise, and she’ll text, call, or email me once a day to see how I’m doing. If for some reason I’m not hitting my goals, she’s not there to “punish” or “shame” me, she’s just there to help me figure out what’s going on and see if from an outside perspective she has any insight on how I could change my habits for the better.

You guys. I’m stoked.

I don’t really know what to expect. I don’t know if I’ll be successful or if I’ll want to continue on with Krissie after my ten free days. But I do know she has some  really good ideas up her sleeve that I’m excited to hear.

I’ll keep you posted!



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The Dumps

I am officially down in them.

This post was supposed to be about how excited I am to jump on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon. Look at these cool new apps I found by following healthy living blogs! I can track my water intake! I can track my caloric intake! I can track my exercise goals! I’m gonna be healthy and skinny and fit in no time! And I’m going to ENJOY doing it!

But, that’s not how I feel. Instead, I feel sad. And a little mad. And kind of frustrated.

Now, just as a general disclaimer – I know I’m not immensely overweight. I know I don’t have to lose any weight to be a healthy, happy person. But I want to. I want to look and feel great and I want to do it the right way. Not the crash diet, lose 20 pounds but gain it all back after my first cupcake in 6 months way.

So why am I so sad? Because I feel like life’s not fair. (Cry me a river, I know.)

By counting calories I know my eating habits aren’t terrible. I’m always around the 1500 a day mark, sometimes more, some times less, which is pretty average for someone my size.  I actually enjoy eating vegetables, and eating a salad isn’t a chore for me. My exercise habits, while admittedly could be better, aren’t terrible. But at the end of the day, I know I still have changing and growing to do. I need to monitor my portion sizes, and I need to be more cognitive of what I eat, not just how much of it.

The reason this makes me sad, mad, frustrated, etc is because, if you hadn’t gathered, I love food. I love cooking and baking and EATING; and while I enjoy healthy meals, I also enjoy unhealthy ones. White rice? Sign me up. Pasta? For days. Don’t even talk to me about cookies and cake and CHOCOLATE.

I know there are healthy alternatives for all these things. Cognitively, in my little brain, I know it. But emotionally and realistically? I don’t want alternatives. I like these things that are bad for me, and it makes me mad that I have to make sacrifices. I know this sounds completely unreasonable. I’m aware. But them’s the facts.

So, what am I going to do about it? Well, I am going to track my water intake. I am going to track my calories, and my exercise, and I am going to make sacrifices. But, cold turkey’s never the way for me, so while I make some changes and some sacrifices, I’ll allow myself a few indulgences, too. Not too many. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to the point where I like the “healthy” stuff more than the “good” stuff. Fingers crossed… wish me luck.

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HALP! Fitness Tips Needed

Happy Thursday!

Who am I kidding, Thursdays are never happy. They’re not Friday and they don’t get the honor of being called “Hump Day”. So, just plain Thursday, everybody!

You will be pleased to know (or at least pretend to be pleased for me) that I went back to the gym last night for another Body Step class, and I TOTALLY ROCKED IT. It was like, 1,000,000x better than Monday, when I almost fainted/barfed/fell down doing a very similar class. It was a different instructor, so I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it. I also hydrated and ate my afternoon snack, so, win all around! Thing is, I’m not sore today, and I really thought I would be based on how hard I felt like I was working. Any fitness gurus out there have anything to say about that? Does it mean I’m not working hard enough? Those muscle groups are already in good shape? I’m doing it wrong?

When I go to the gym, I pretty much exclusively go to the classes they offer. The cardio classes (step, attack, combat) are my favorite, although I have been known to take a Body Pump class now and then. A big problem I’m running into is the tendinitis in my elbow. My main goal is to tone up and loose a few pounds, and I really wanted to tone up my arms. (After all, it’s technically the only part of me that won’t be covered by a wedding dress.) *SPOILER ALERT – my wedding dress does not have long sleeves.* I’m really struggling with how I can make this happen while still being able to hold a glass of water the next day. Push-ups make my elbow lock, body pump really aggravates it, so I’m kind of at a loss.

Today I’m going to forego the body pump class and try to create my own circuit using the machines at the gym. My hope is that some of them will be ergonomic enough that they won’t really upset my arm. That said, if any of you super fit people who like, understand the gym a little, have any insight as to what I can do to work my upper body without wanting my arm to fall off, PLEASE SHARE YOUR INSIGHT! I’m also looking for good apps/websites/circuits that I can do that will help me achieve my goals. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks friends – have a good-enough Thursday!


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First Day Back

… is always the hardest.

So. Um. Remember yesterday when I said how I didn’t regret watching Gossip Girl alllllll day long on Sunday?

Don’t worry I still don’t.

But… the rest of my body does.

I went back to the gym for the first time since before Christmas. While I was under the impression that walking a few miles every now and then and horseback riding once a week was enough to keep me in the semi-decent shape I was in before the holidays… I was sorely mistaken.

At Body Step yesterday I was so pumped and ready to get started with my workouts again. I made it through the warm up and after the first peak and then I thought I was going to die. And then I felt like I was going to die at least 5 more times in the hour. And I forgot my water bottle so I had to keep leaving to get water and it was really embarrassing. Did I mention that I didn’t eat my afternoon snack and my stomach started growling around 4 pm so my blood sugar was really low and I kept getting dizzy? And also how I haven’t been to the gym since before Christmas.

All of these things added up equals one really terrible workout. BUT. These things happen, and if every bad workout made people quit there would be no one in the gym come March. Wait… are we just talking about regular New Year’s resolutioners here? (Just kidding. But really guys.) I’ll try again later this week and I’ll make sure to eat first and drink enough water and mentally prepare and not stand in the front center of the class next time, just in case.


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