Shower Time!

Happy Monday Everybody!

I have been a very busy bee. So busy, in fact, that this little blog of mine has taken a backseat in the priorities wagon. Sad but true. I could try to recount the last two weeks with an epic play by play of my oh-so-exciting life… but to be honest you’d be bored to tears. It’s been a lot of calorie counting, boring meals, and work work work. But there is one thing that’s been keeping me busy that I can finally spill the beans about, because it finally happened this weekend! Katie’s bridal shower!


I was honored to put together a shower for Katie along with the help of her mom (the wonderful hostess!) and many of the other bridesmaids. I got super lucky, because Kristin (bridesmaid and mutual best friend) had to work in Rockville, MD for the week, so she was able to come to VA on Wednesday and Thursday to help me cook and prepare. I don’t think the shower would have been half as successful without her :).

kristin bags

I don’t really know what to say, but there are lots of pictures to tell the story.

First up: the food. Oh, the food.

Food spread

We have: Savory: Onion and Goat Cheese Tarts, Deviled Eggs, Spinach and Onion Dip with Hawaiian Sweet Bread, Baked Brie, Veggie Platter, and Cheese and Crackers.

Sweet: Fruit and Marshmallow Fluff Dip, Whiskey Fudge, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Merlot Cupcakes, and Cake Balls!

The fun:

Toilet Paper Dress Contest. Everybody won!

Toilet Paper Dress Contest. Everybody won!

The Presents!

The haul

The haul

Even Patrick got some goodies.

for patrick

But most importantly, we learned (as if we didn’t already know), that you can dress her up…The sistersBut you really can’t take her anywhere.

KB mustache

Sisters mustaches

Congrats again Katie!! I can’t wait for your day!



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