Who says three little ladies can’t put away some sushi?

Interwebs, meet Colby.



You’ve met her before, but, also meet Katie (again).


Last night, Katie, Colby and I went out to Koi Koi in Falls Church for some chit chat and a heck of a lot of sushi.

Sushi Spread 2And some free edimame. 🙂

It was delicious. Yes, that is six rolls of sushi you see there. I can’t even remember what everything was, but I DO remember that it was all fantastic and delicious. This post has no other point except to prove that no amount of sushi will go uneaten when we put our minds to it.






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2 responses to “Sushi!!!!!

  1. KOI KOIIIIII MY FAVORITEEEEEE. Okay, let’s see if I can guess correctly…

    Philadelphia roll…
    Shrimp & crab roll…
    Spicy tuna roll…
    Caterpillar roll…
    Shrimp tempura roll…
    Parades roll?

    Also, now, even though I had sushi last night, I want sushi. Darn you!

    • haha WOW you were really close! I don’t think we got the Caterpillar roll but I can’t remember… all the rest are right!

      Let me just say, that place plays the weirdest music I have ever heard.

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