Monthly Goals

Notice how I did NOT say resolutions. Because seriously ya’ll, who can stick to a plan for 12 whole months? Not this girl.

Like many other well-meaning humans, making, tracking, and sticking to resolutions is not my forte. But this year… THIS year, I’ve got a plan. Sort of. This year I’m breaking down my resolutions  goals into more manageable monthly chunks. I think a lot of people attempt this by saying, “in January I will do X, in February I will do Y,” and honestly that was going to be my approach originally. But the more I think about my goals and my life, that just didn’t make sense for me. What kind of goal can be achieved in one month, and then not thought of the next? I couldn’t think of any. My plan is to “chunk” out my goals, and I’m going to focus on three month increments. If businesses can set goals quarterly, by golly so can I!

So how is this going to work? Many of my goals are still formulating, so it is absolutely going to be a work in progress. To start, here are the goals that are in the forefront of my brain at the moment:

1. Get serious about training my dog, and learning more about dog training in general – I’ve been interested in dog training for about three years now, and while my pooch definitely isn’t the mangiest mutt around, he has some work to do. (Seriously, do you need to bark at every squirrel? Every single one?)  Click-it or Ticket. Okay, I borrowed the phrase from the Virginia Department of Police, but it works here too! I’m all about Clicker Training and positive reinforcement. We’ve really been able to help Jameson figure out how to get what he wants by behaving, rather than grabbing, jumping, and being a pill. Like I said, our main obstacle currently is barking, and I need to be at the ready with my clicker and treat bag whenever an opportunity presents itself. So for dog training, here are my goals from January – March.:

  • Put my clicker on a bracelet that is easily accessible when I walk in the door. As soon as I get home, grab the clicker and the (fully stocked) treat bag, and reward the good behavior. Due date: January 15th, 2013.
  • Read at least one new book about dog training, dog behavior, or dog psychology by the end of the quarter. Due date: March 31, 2013.

2. Take more (and better) pictures for my blog – This is something that, plan or not, is going to be really hard for me, for a few reasons. One, the only photo-taking device I have is  my iPhone. While it is trusty and wonderful and I love it more than life itself, the pictures come out… less than spectacular. Two, I just always forget. Either my hands are too messy from whatever I’m cooking, or I’m having too much fun to remember to take the extra step of snapping pics, I just never do it right. So, onward and upward:

  • Ask Dan if I can borrow his really fancy DSLR camera if I promise not to shatter any more lensesDue date: Today! (January 4, 2013). (So D, what do you say?)
  • Learn how to use said fancy DSLR camera… which will be a much longer term goal. I’ll start by reading blogs, books, and watching tutorials online. I may also ask for some help from some friends… Bueller… Bueller…? Due date: Have a solid understanding of how the beast works by February 15, 2013.
  • Back up current iPhone pictures to my computer and wipe them off my phone for space. Due date: January 31, 2013.
  • Take at least five quality pictures a week, with iPhone or fancy camera. Due date: Every week!

3. Get in shape (for my life and my wedding) – I’ve been pretty good about going to the gym and working out on and off for the past few months, along with eating better. Over the past three weeks or so I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit, so:

  • Get to the gym for cardio and/or cross training at least 4x a week. Due date: Every week!
  • Eat at least one salad a week. Due date: Every week!
  • Eat out (lunch or dinner) only 2x a week. Due date: Every week!

4. Plan for the future – this one might sound cliche, but it’s something I really want/need to do. I have quite a few ideas/plans for my life that are going to remain just ideas if I don’t get my act together. I’m pretty sure I’m not meant for the cubicle life, and I have some things I want to do on my own, so I need an escape plan! How am I going to accomplish all the awesome things I want to do without a plan?

  • Make a solid 2 year plan in Excel outlining what steps I need to take and when to get where I want to be. Due date: March 1, 2013.
  • Create a business plan for my brainchild and work it into the plan. Due date: March 31, 2013.

Some other goals I think I may pursue in coming months:

  • Gardening – planting grass in the front yard and planting a vegetable garden
  • Offering and following through with some day-of wedding coordination for some engaged friends for experience
  • GETTING MARRIED (I guess we should focus on that one some, huh?)

The beauty of this new quarterly strategy is that I have literally no idea where I’ll be come April 1st. It will be like a NEW New Year’s celebration, where I can reflect on the goals I set and make new ones based on where my life has taken me. I will be asking you guys to keep me accountable, and I’m going to start a new mini-series on the blog to keep you posted on how I’m doing. Let me know if you have good ways for sticking to goals, if you know anyone who’s handy with a camera, or if you just want to share your own goals and accomplishments! 



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6 responses to “Monthly Goals

  1. I think this is a great idea and might just steal it for myself. I read The Happiness Project last year (a book club title before you joined) and it has lots of great goal ideas and tips at how to accomplish them. I’d highly recommend it!

    • Thanks Steph! I read (most of) The Happiness Project before joining book club. It’s still on my shelf, and most certainly deserves a second look.

  2. Lorraine

    I’m exhausted! Good luck with everything. How can D help? 🙂

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