It’s the Most…Busiest Time of the Year

Weeks are so weird.

They can feel so short and so long at the same time and I do not understand. My last week was so fun and so busy and so wonderful and so exhausting. And yet I still only have like two pictures to share. What the heck? I need:

  • A professional photography sidekick – I’m lookin at you fiancé. You and your fancy camera. That still has no lens due to my clumsiness. Crap.
  • A constant reminder to take pictures every time something exciting happens
  • Two more arms while I’m cooking so my phone/camera doesn’t get all sticky when I try to take action shots
  • A bigger hard drive on my iPhone since it always tells me there is not enough space

Maybe that can be my New Year’s resolution. Lord knows I’m definitely not going to lose those X pounds that I’ve been promising to lose the last X number of years. Let’s try for something new, shall we? Maybe while we’re at it, I can also resolve to blog more regularly. Because holy crap it’s hard to recap almost two full weeks of awesome in one post. And it’s even harder to prioritize and recap two full weeks of awesomeness in separate posts.

But, I’ll try!

It’s December! My halls are fully decked, and just as confused as every year. Our tree is up and lit and decorated with Target bobbles and a few sentimental ornaments. Our stockings are hung by the (empty) fishtank with care… on the stair railing. And our Menorah is sitting proudly in the center of our living room coffee table.


And of course, what’s December without a Puggle dressed up like Santa Claus? Nothing I tell you. Nothing. That’s what. My team lead had the whole team over last week for our department holiday gift exchange, but she wouldn’t let anyone take this little guy home. How rude.

Bugsy Santa

I was able to see my current obsession, Pentatonix, in concert last week with my sister at the Howard Theater, which is awesome. (Thanks again Brice and Emily for thinking about us!) Listening to them on repeat for the past few weeks has really made me think about why I haven’t done anything musical since 2006. I don’t have a good answer, so I think I’m going to look into joining or starting a singing meetup group. Any takers? Watch anything from Pentatonx’s YouTube channel and you’ll probably have delusions of grandeur that you’re as awesome as them and that you want to join me. At least that’s how I feel.

I also took a few videos at the show, but since my phone was out of space I didn’t get to tape the songs I wanted. So watch YouTube instead, it’s better.

Weekend recap soon. For now – Moar Puppies!!!

Jameson laundry

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One response to “It’s the Most…Busiest Time of the Year

  1. Jerry Deutscher

    Enjoyed that one, Lara. The hat is too small for the puppy tough!!

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