And then we ate… again.

I have a big family. My mom is the youngest of five, and each sibling has anywhere between two and five children. And some of those children have children. We live all over the place, from Virginia to California and in between, so it’s not very often that we all get to see each other and share a meal. Which might be a good thing… we’re a rowdy bunch.

After a nice Thanksgiving on Thursday with Dan’s family, (he has two cousins. Two. Yeesh.) we flew out first thing in the morning on Friday to meet up with my immediate and extended family for Thanksgiving #2 in Tucson, AZ. The two gatherings were starkly different, but both enjoyable.

My mom worked really hard with her sister to get a nice meal catered for us all, so no one had to worry about cooking AND traveling. There was eating. There was drinking. There was singing. (oh so much singing!)

Thanks to Georgi, Daren, and Grandpa for the pictures!

Now on to decorating the house for Christmas!


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2 responses to “And then we ate… again.

  1. Nancy Mellan

    Awwww Lara … You are the best.
    That was a lovely report.
    Keep writing!
    Love you…
    Your Favorite Aunt Nancy

  2. Jerry Deutscher

    This blog is a real keeper!! Thanks, Lara

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