Dress Shopping, Part 1

Well. Let’s start with shopping in general. I’m not good at it. I don’t enjoy it. It is usually a stressful endeavor in the best circumstances. I attribute this to the fact that as a kid, I never went clothes shopping “for fun”. We went shopping once a year, before school started, and we were to make a list of everything we needed: Two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, new tennis shoes. If it wasn’t on the list, if we didn’t truly ned it, we didn’t get it. That mindset has been carried with me into adulthood so much so that I think and overthink my clothing purchases until I just don’t want to shop anymore.

“When will I wear this?”

“What will I wear this with?”

“Do I already have matching shoes?”

You get the idea.

So the thought of shopping for a WEDDING DRESS, needless to say, scared the bejesus out of me. Add into the mix that I would be shopping with a true entourage, and well, anxiety central. That’s not to say I wasn’t super excited to have my mom, sister, future MIL and two bridesmaids with me. I love them all and value each of their opinions, which is why they were all invited. I was just a little nervous is all. And we had a very full weekend of dress shopping ahead of us! Three appointments in two days, since my mom was in town from Charlottesville, and it’s hard for her to get away on the weekends. 

Nerves and all, we made our way to my first appointment at Ann’s Bridal Boutique in Burke. Holy crap. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted… dropped waist (maybe); ivory (maybe); lace (maybe)… sooo maybe not such a good idea after all. And seeing the walls of dresses staring at me was fairly overwhelming. Finally, after taking a tour and showing the girl who was helping us what I wanted to try on, it was into the dressing room! The nerves started to go away, and the trying stuff on was actually pretty fun! It helped me get a better understanding of what I wanted, what was in my budget, and most importantly what I knew I did not want. (Hey – it’s a step in the right direction.)

An hour later, I had a pretty good contender, but it was slightly over my budget and we still had two more appointments to attend…


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6 responses to “Dress Shopping, Part 1

  1. Lorraine

    Nice blog! I see I need to teach you to love shopping! You have a lifetime ahead of you…

  2. Mom

    Wait until YOU have to go school shopping for FOUR!!!! Its not that I was mean….if we didn’t set parameters we would shop forever! I would attribute the not liking shopping to genetics, not your upbringing…I never liked it either 🙂

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