On Delegating

I’m not great at it. But I’m working on it! Dan has been so good about all of my “obsessive brain disorder” moments, giving me his honest opinion when I ask for and need it, and letting me go off to my own little world of research and planning without always filling him in on all the details. I’ve tried as best I can to keep him involved, as this is our wedding, not just mine, and I think (hope?) he appreciates it.

With that said, I haven’t done a ton of delegating thus far. I researched venues, photographers, and caterers (more on caterers later!), filled him in on the deets and we made a decision. While we always end up making the  final decision together, it’s always easier to have one point person in the beginning research stages, and usually, we’re both okay with that person being me.

I haven’t gotten overly stressed about anything so far (even though finding a venue was no walk in the park), and I know we have a whole year until the wedding. My logical side tells me that’s plenty of time, but the procrastinating bride in me is secretly freaking out that we don’t have all our ducks in a row already. (I know. I’m nuts.) So, last week, I decided to find an officiant. Yep, find. Not research. Not shop for. Find.

Well, spoiler alert, we still don’t have an officiant. Enter tiny stress feelings.

You see, D and I are not religious folk. We both come from Jewish backgrounds, and I come from a rather confused religious past. Therefore, we want little tid-bits of the Jewish culture (read: we’re jew… ish.) in our ceremony, but we don’t want the whole shebang. While there are plenty of “inter-faith” or “non-religious” officiants and celebrants out there, they almost all have the title “Reverend”, which may not fly so well with our Jewish families, nor is it really what we want.

So how does this tie into me being a control freak who doesn’t know how to delegate? Right. I delegated! After finding out that my first choice officiant is booked the day of our wedding (boo!), and researching a few more that were pretty awesome but quadruple our price range, I told the lucky groom that this could be his schtick. He is now in charge of officiant searching! As with everything else, we will make this very important decision together, but I’m trusting him to research and contact the front runners. Trust me, it’s not easy. I have already told him he needs to email back one Rabbi that called and emailed me this week because I don’t want him to think we are ignoring him, and I know it’ll be tough to not ask every day, “did you research/call/make appointments with any officiants today?!”

But I’ll try. I know he can do it 🙂

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