The Best Weekend Part 2

After walking around Clifton for a while, we went home and took it easy. I finally watched the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. While I’m totally not surprised at the results, I do wish my main man Cyrus had won. Because seriously people. If you haven’t seen him dance, you totally should. Watch this. And this. Actually just watch as much as you can because he is fantastic.

After a relaxing afternoon, the real party started! My wonderful sister threw me and Dan an engagement party! We had the chance to celebrate with our families at Old Ebbitt Grill after the engagement, and we wanted the chance to celebrate with our closest friends as well. Jennie was nice enough to throw us a shindig at her and Thomas’ house, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. Unfortunately, I was way too excited and overwhelmed so I took zero pictures. Not a one. She, however, took a few. Thank goodness for sisters, amirite?

The house was beautifully decorated, and there was SO. MUCH. FOOD. She sure knows the way to this girl’s heart. The evening was spent eating, drinking, chatting, and playing an “almost newly wed game” that had hard but funny and really not typical questions. “Which cartoon character would your partner be?” Who knows. But fun! Thank you so much Jennie and Thomas, and everyone that came. It was great to see and celebrate with everyone!

After sleeping in just a little and grabbing some bagels with Katie and Patrick the next day, D and I were off to the National’s last weekend home game of the regular season! We tried to get tickets to a post season game, but, no dice. It was a beautiful day, and we really enjoyed just sitting in the sunshine watching the Nats dominate get dominated.(Also a great chance to test out my new panorama feature! Thanks iOS 6!)

It’s a good thing Dan and I showed up for the game, because the team sure didn’t. The sun was super intense and the outfielders couldn’t see a thing, so there were some silly plays. Win or lose, it’s still great to cheer the team on. Plus we pummeled the same team the day before and the day after, so, can’t win ’em all!

Sunday night consisted of watching Glee, not eating dinner, and going to bed early. It really doesn’t get any better.

Until next time!

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