The Best Weekend Part 1

Yeah, I know it’s Tuesday. It has just taken me this long to get all the awesome wrapped up into words! I am actually going to split the weekend into two posts, because there are just too many words to describe how awesome it was. Let me start by saying I have the most amazing friends and family (and fiance) a girl could ask for. You may be hearing a lot of that on this blog in the next year (or forever). Sorry bout it.

Friday I decided to take it easy and just make an easy-ish dinner (a variation of this Brown Butter Garden Vegetable Pasta Skillet from my food blog crush) and catch up on some TV with D. We watched like, five episodes of Community as opposed to our normal two, because it was Friday and we could stay up past 10 if we felt like it, dammit!

Saturday was a busy but super fun day, kicked off by my horseback riding lesson bright and early. I hadn’t been in two weeks because of my hiking trip last weekend, and we were working on the equivalent of weight training as opposed to cardio, so… my legs were nice and tired after!

After a quick shower, D and I decided it was finally time to visit Peterson’s Ice Cream Depot in the super quaint and adorable Clifton, VA.

We actually looked into getting married in this awesome little town that’s like 20 minutes from our house, but sadly couldn’t find a venue that fit all of our criteria :(. Anyway, I digress. Peterson’s is The menu is pretty much french fries,

hot dogs (and turkey dogs!!!),

and ice cream.

And yes, I did have some of each thank-you-very-much. It is just such a cute little shop and who doesn’t love french fries and hot dogs and ice cream?! It’s like going to a baseball game without all that baseball… 😀 More on baseball, and the rest of the weekend, coming soon!


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