The Great Outdoors

They really are great! Who knew?!

I spent Friday night through Monday afternoon in the Shenandoah Mountains, hiking rugged style – with a pack on my back with as much as I could carry.

It. Was. Awesome.

I went with a couple of good friends from college and some friends and family of theirs, and we have been planning the trip since last year’s Kayaking adventure. It was a test of strength and courage and will, and we all passed with flying colors!

(Not Pictured – Jim; Picture courtesy of Frances’ Facebook)

It’s so good to know that you’re capable of that kind of thing. Who knew that I could carry 30+ lbs (No Frances, I still didn’t weigh my pack!), hike up and down mountains, drink water purified by iodine, and sleep in a bear filled forest three nights in a row and live to tell the tale! And what’s more? I’ll probably do it again!

Frances, Jim (my friends from college) and I camped out in a campground Friday night with Frances’s sisters, her brother-in-law, and her niece and nephew. We packed up the next morning and met up with a few more of their friends and hit the trails. The first day was a pretty easy hike, a little over four miles. We set up camp and hung out, made our awesome dehydrated dinner that Ashley made for us (Thanks Ashley!!), and sat up chatting into the night. A few deer stalked out campsite, but they left us alone for the most part.

The next morning was up early for a hike… straight… up… a mountain. While extremely physically and mentally exhausting, it was so awesome to reach the top!

We stopped for lunch and said goodbye to a few of our companions, and then we were four. The rest of the day was much easier, and very beautiful scenery. We hiked a few more miles, and set up camp for the night. That night, Jim and I swore up and down that we heard bears outside the tents all night, so neither of us got much sleep. I guess we are both crazy, because our campsite was untouched the next day. So, next day, up another mountain! And then Down. And we saw a bear! Here are some pictures!

And then we were done, just like that! I know I left out a bunch of awesome parts and pictures, but you get the gist. Thanks for planning and executing an awesome trip, Frances!

What’s the biggest adventure you’ve been on? Anything you thought you couldn’t do that you did?


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3 responses to “The Great Outdoors

  1. Frances

    We may not be able to prove that there was a bear Sunday night, but Ashley is convinced that an animal ran off with one of her socks. Let’s plan the next event!

    • I bet it was the rabid deer from Saturday night! Let’s plan. Either march in six months or at least three months after next September. I think we could totally pull off two adventures in one year.

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