Hey, remember that time a month ago that Dan and I got engaged? Apparently I’m a decent bride-to-be but a terrible blogger, because I’ve blogged approximately once since then. Oops.

I have a sort of good excuse, though. We booked a venue! I am so, so, SO excited! My last post was all about venue hunting, and at that point I was a little frustrated. I looked everywhere –,, and of course, Google. It turns out those wedding sites are good for getting ideas, but I found Google to be the winner in this case. I must have emailed with 15-20 venues, and we physically went to see 10 of them.

They say, “When you know, you know.” I’m sure “they” were talking about something else, like the man you’re going to marry or the dress you’re going to buy. I don’t know who “they” are, but they were right, at least about the venue! We went to the second to last venue on our list, hoping that we wouldn’t leave with that same, “eh, I can’t really see us here” feeling. We had gone to 8 before it, and were mostly underwhelmed with the whole thing. Everything was too this or too that… expensive, fancy, historical, etc. But when we walked up the drive to Sunset Hills we just got such a good vibe. It was casual. It was laid back. It was pretty. It was an old refurbished barn!!!! Win Win Win WIN WIN!

Our whole experience there was just so nice. Our contact, Aimee, had told us she had a lot going on that day and wouldn’t have time to “dedicate a full meeting”, but she’d still have time to give a quick tour. Well, I don’t want to know what a full meeting would have been like, because she was FANTASTIC. She sat us down, asked all the right qualifying questions, hand answers for ours, gave us a tour AND a free wine tasting. If that’s not your full attention, man I can’t wait for our wedding day when we really get it!

Anyway, we were pretty much sold at this point, but we went to our final meeting anyway. Needless to say, we passed it up and the following Saturday went back to Sunset with Dan’s parents and signed our contract! It’s official! We’re getting married!


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4 responses to “Booked!

  1. Nancy mellan

    Yea!!!! When?! Barn festivities sound extra creative and fun!

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