And Sometimes, Shit Just Happens

Wise words from my momma.

We went to go visit my parents in Nelson County (outside of Charlottesville) this past weekend. Well, it was supposed to be for the weekend. It ended up being about 8 hours on Saturday, and then a long drive home. I guess that’s where the story ends. Here’s where it starts.

I had an awesome riding lesson on Saturday morning at 9 am. Two cross-country jump courses, on a super fast, but fun, pony. I had such a blast. Then, Dan, Jameson and I packed up the car and headed down to Charlottesville. It was a nice three hour drive, but Jameson doesn’t love car trips and he was a little stressed the whole time. We got in and spent some time on the porch with momma, and walked around my dad’s beautiful garden and took some pictures.

This is where things turn sour. We decided to go to dinner at Wild Wolf, which is usually really great food and service. Long story short, it was not that this night. It took us almost an hour to be seated (after a 20-25 minute quoted wait time), and then at least another hour to see food (which we ended up getting to-go). Jameson was acting up in a lot of ways, and was barking his little puppy head off. Lots of things went wrong, so we just went home, only to find out that about half our food didn’t get made. The restaurant manager was really nice, and my mom called and said what we were missing and they delivered the extra food to us, which was super nice of them.

Finally, it’s bed time. But guess what? Jameson refuses to sleep. My parents’ house isn’t just a house, it’s a bed and breakfast, which means Jameson can’t get away with crying and barking all night. Dan and I decided early on that if Jameson wouldn’t calm down and sleep (this isn’t the first time this has happened), we were just going to cut our losses and go home. So, that’s exactly what we did. 11:30 pm, packed up the car and drove home the almost three hours.

Like Mom says, “Sometimes, shit just happens.”

It ended up being probably for the best. We did get a good night’s sleep, and spent some quality time doing chores, grocery shopping, and watching the Olympics. (Side note – Dan and I started dating the first day of the Olympics four years ago, so we really love watching them this year. How far we have come :))

Except, two days later, on Monday night when I went to take pictures of my dinner so I could blog about it, I found out something ELSE terrible that happened Saturday night… during one of Jameson’s… well, not-so-strong moments, I had a mom-like reflex to kneel down really fast. I happened to be holding the Nikon D-80 DSLR that Dan so graciously let me borrow and I thought I felt it hit the pavement, but in the heat of the moment, I didn’t think to check it. Well… turns out I cracked and shattered the lens. I am so lucky to have such a forgiving, understanding, and loving man. I promised I would replace it and apologized profusely, but he just keeps telling me it’s okay. Man, I love him.

I guess sometimes shit really does just happen. Here’s to dealing with it gracefully, and moving on the best we can.

Mom – I promise next time will be better. And we’ll leave Jameson at home from now on.


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