Career Pathing

Part of my motivation for creating Try it and See Blog was to explore myself as a working woman and find different paths I can take with my career. Right now, I have a great job. I work for a growing company with people I enjoy, and get paid decently for my line of work. But, something is missing, and I’m hell bent on figuring out what that something is. For now, of course, I’m completely content. But that’s not to say my mood could shift tomorrow and I’ll be itching for something else; something more fulfilling.

It’s funny. We had a “Career Pathing” meeting at work today, where management shared all kinds of opportunities for growth within my company. I was, and am, excited by some of those prospects, and in the short term will probably pursue some of them. But for me, long term, I’m leaning towards a more rewarding career. Something that I will enjoy and will give me daily satisfaction.

This fact may be seemingly unrelated, but I promise it will make sense soon: I love  animals – mainly dogs and horses. Not like how all little girls say they love puppies and ponies (though that is how I phrase it most of the time), but I really, truly love and admire the human to companion animal relationship that is formed under the right circumstances. I’ve known for a long time that I want to help create those circumstances and form those relationships somehow. The question now, is how?

The relationship I have with my dog, Jameson, is priceless. He has been a part of my little family for a little over two years now, and it’s just crazy to me how we got to know, love, and trust this creature. We let him into our home and immediately loved and trusted him. He sleeps in our bed. He eats our food. And he has giant teeth and jaws strong as hell. I’ve seen him rip “indestructible” toys apart with hardly an effort, so what makes me think he won’t do the same to me some day? I don’t know. I just know. That’s the beauty of the relationship. There are no words needed. We feed off of each others’ body language and eye contact. I know when he’s hungry, and when he needs to go outside (and why), and when he wants to get under the covers and go to sleep. I want to help others form this strong connection with an animal, so both parties can benefit from it.

I’ve been thinking about a career in the animal care field for quite some time, and I’ve tossed lots of ideas around: Dog daycare, training, rescues, vet tech, canine physical therapist. I’m sure there are more options out there, but my knowledge of the field is sadly limited, even with all the research I’ve done. I went on a few interviews for vet tech positions this year, and came to the conclusion that, while I respect the veterinary field 100%, it is not one I would be happy in. Out of all the other options, I keep coming back to training and daycare. Jameson and I are enrolled in an Intermediate Obedience class at the moment, and so far we love it. He’s a great learner, and we have a lot of fun. I’m going to keep going to class, and maybe even ask the trainer if she’ll let me apprentice with her in a few of her future classes, to see if it is something I would consider for the future. There is a lot of work that goes into canine careers, and sadly, little monetary reward or benefit in most cases, which has been my biggest deterrent. That is one thing I know I’m going to either need to get over, or throw my thoughts of an animal related career out the window.

So, I’ll keep trying, and hopefully, eventually, I’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.


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4 responses to “Career Pathing

  1. whitney

    You should do a doggy day care center. I hate when you go on vacation and there is not where but a dirty kennel to leave your dogs at.. i couldn’t do it. Stori used to leave her pup at a place that was like a huge playground and they had cameras everywhere so that people could watch there puppy online. She left her there for vacations and sometimes during the day to let her play. Watching doggies play all day and being so happy would be an awesome job. We have a place here like that and all the dogs sleep together on big pillows at night, no kennels. I would love to do something like that someday. Stori is exactly like you, she is obsessed with dogs and horses. Every chance she gets she’s brushing some horse or walking someones dog. She is going into the vet field and is a vet assistant right now.
    You would hate here.. here in Brazil people are shocked that my dogs sleep in my bed. They don’t treat dogs like we do. For us, our dogs are more important than people, but here they are all over the streets. When I first got here is was so difficult cause I wanted to save them. It’s really sad to see puppies eating out of the trash and running across the freeway. I have seen a lot of dead dogs too. On any given street there is a street dog, and they are all scared because people are so mean to them. People think I’m crazy cause I try to pet them and give them food, but you should see the pups when they finally have someone that is showing them love. When they realize they can trust me they start crying sometimes and try to sit on my lap and just put there heads up against me.. seriously I have almost cried a few times. Its depressing. I have one on the corner of my street that I call Carlos and when I drive by I stop and he runs up to say hi. There are hundreds of homeless dogs here. When we take our dogs to the beach there are always a couple of them that come out to play in the waves with us. 🙂

    • I can’t even imagine all those sad little pups. 😦 that’s how Israel is with cats. I would live to open a daycare. I think that’s my ultimate goal someday. We take jameson to one called affectionate pet care and it is so fantastic, we love it so much. It sounds like what you described Stori uses. Only problem is its a little expensive… Which is why I need my own! Maybe someday.

      What are you doing these days? We should try and catch up soon!

      • whitney

        well, we live in Brazil right now, almost 2 years here. But were are trying to come back to the states. We’re waiting for my husbands green card, so hopefully we can get back by January. Its definitely been a wild and difficult adventure here… i can’t wait to be back in the states. Living in a different culture, especially a pretty dangerous one is hard. My parents moved back to Stafford last year so we are gonna start there, stay with them for a few months until we get jobs and hopefully move more north in va. This is as long as i can keep my husband wanting to go back, everyday we are still here his second thoughts about going back get bigger. He has his family and tons of friends so its hard. But this isn’t where I want to start a family, here its not ‘if’ you get robbed, its ‘when’ you get robbed.. and i’m not looking forward to that day so.. anyways.. congratulations on your engagement! marriage is definitely awesome!

      • Thanks! Good luck with all the red tape. When you come back to va we should try and meet up! We’re in fairfax.

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