I Guess I’ll Try It And See

Sometimes, I make empty promises.

“I’m going to quit my job as soon as my two year anniversary comes and goes.” (It’s been about a quarter of a year more and I’m still going strong…”)

“I’m going to the shelter to adopt another puppy.” (Mostly I just say this to annoy my boyfriend. We are very content with our one dog, Jameson.)

“I’m going to start a blog about (insert any of my interests ever).”

Well, it’s about time I try and live up to at least one of the things I’ve said out loud. I’ll start with blogging.

First, I was going to blog about my job search. The problem is, I have no idea what I’d rather be doing, so I just keep doing what I’m already doing. Not exactly blog-worthy.

Next, I thought about blogging about my hobbies. Sometimes I ride horses. Sometimes I cook. Sometimes I bake. Sometimes I put things in pots and call it gardening… I don’t know that they’re really blog-worthy on their own, I knew I needed more.

So I came up with the idea of “Try it and See”, because really, that’s what life is about. I want to try things out, see if I like them. See if they add to my ultimate goal of being consistently happy with my life. I’ll blog about new career ideas (if and when they occur to me), gardening, baking, cooking, and of course, Jameson.

I hope you’ll try it and see with me!

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